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Tricia Lukawski
MHS Staff

An Integrated curriculum focused on the development of both lifetime skills andphysical fitness best serve the Physical Education students of Merrillville High School.  Accordingly, 9th grade students will take part in two trimesters of Physical Education.  During the activity course, students will experience indoor and outdoorlifetime sports and activities. 

The opposite trimester, students will take part in Swimming/Water Safety course.  During the physical fitness course, students will attend lecture/lab classroom sessions wherein the student will gain an understanding of basic exercise physiology and training principles.  Results of fitness training will be recorded the final week of each grading period to monitor student's progress regarding each component of fitness.

There are several selections of courses for students to choose in this department.  There are the two trimester requirements of physical education and also the one required trimester of Health and Safety.  In the required Health and Safety, students are given learning activities, which favorably influence knowledge, attitudes and practices relating to individual, family and community living. 

Students discover that the decisions they make can promote their health and enjoyment of life now and in the future.   All Health and Safety students also are certified in CPR. Students may also elect to take Advanced Fitness, which is designed to provide fitness through a variety of training techniques.  Students may choose to take our Lifeguard course as an elective.  

The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to save his/her or the life of another in the advent of a water emergency. An elective course called Body Works is also available.  This course is an activity oriented class with emphasis placed on learning decision making skills, goal setting, and performance assessment strategies as they apply to fitness and preventive health care.   

Substance Abuse offers our students knowledge of the effects, nature and use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs on individuals as well as society.  An Adapted Physical Education course is designed for students who are enrolled in our Special Education Department.