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Social Studies Faculty

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Anthony Hofer (Department Head)

Sociology, US History I

ext. 7122  |



Amber Baron

AP Psychology, Psychology, US History I

ext. 7118  |



Rob Bedwell

AP US History, US History, History of War

ext. 7109  |



Joshua Belko

US History II

ext. 7107  |


Patrick Cudzilo

ext. 7121  |



Andy Kaplar

World History, Civics

ext. 7556  |



Tom Kelly

US History I, US History II, US History III

ext. 7142  |



Kelly Kratz

World History, Civics

ext. 7558  |



Dana Moslander

AP US Government, US Government, US History III

ext. 7110  |



Shelby Short

Geography, History of the World

ext. 7554  |



Wesley Short

Geography, History of the World

ext. 7544  |



Tim Stewart

Economics, US History II

ext. 7113  |



Pat Winters

ext. 7130  |