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Angela Escobedo

Angela Escobedo

The World Languages Department is proud to provide courses in two major languages spoken by millions across the globe today.  In 2014, the Heritage class for Spanish speakers was added.  Merrillville’s students have the opportunity to take up to 4 levels of Spanish and French. Students are encouraged to continue on to the highest levels available in order to attain the best understanding of the language of their choice and to better retain that knowledge for application later in life. 

Each language program is dynamic and comprehensive, utilizing a variety of methods and skills that are contributed by each individual expert teacher. Everyone in the department frequently utilizes an array of technology as it best suits their classroom in order to differentiate instruction and provide students with more individual attention and resources. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this during things like class visits to computer labs, where they are equipped with the knowledge of how to access many of these resources from other places, including home or public computers and other internet equipped devices. 

The department is proud to be able to say that several students each year apply and are accepted to the Indiana University Honors Program, earning access to the opportunity for worldwide travel. There is significant collaboration between the World Languages Department and various universities throughout the state. The department hopes to maintain or increase the number of students who earn the honor to represent the Merrillville’s language programs across the state, country, and world. Please feel free to contact any member of the department for further information.