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Grade Policy & Curriculum




Students are ranked according to class on the basis of scholarship.

Grade points are assigned for each grade received according to the scale below.

A=4; B=3; C=2; D=1; and F =0.


GUIDANCE OVERVIEW The purpose of guidance is to help students in their social, emotional, educational, academic, vocational, and personal development. Counselors may be seen daily from 7:50 A.M. to 3:20 P.M. Student-counselor conference request slips are available in the Guidance Office. Conferences with students receive first consideration of the counselor’s time and are scheduled whenever necessary.

The counselors may assist students in

1. Assessment, to include adequate testing and compilation of information relating to the educational, personal, and social development of pupils;

2. Career development, to include a sequential program aimed at arousing and developing career interests of pupils;

3. Individual and group consultation, related to educational, career, and personal-social concerns; available to pupils, teachers, and administrators;

4. Pupil follow-up services, related to education and employment;

5. Research and evaluation services, which focus on improvement of the school environment.


HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT FOR COLLEGE COURSES (RULE 10) Junior and senior students may, upon following certain procedures, enroll in college courses and apply them toward both high school and college diplomas. Students desiring to do this need to schedule appointments with their counselors. During such an appointment, the student’s interests will be discussed and the counselor will provide the student with the procedures which are to be followed. Juniors and seniors participating in this program must rank in the top 25% of their classes. In addition, if a student’s participation would delay his/her graduation, or cause a cancellation of a high school class by dropping it in favor of a college class, such a student would not receive approval.

College courses selected by students under this program must be very similar in content to the state-approved list of courses. Merrillville High School will count all such courses completed as one (1) credit of high school work per three (3) credit hours of college work and will include the grade received in the computation for class rank with the same equivalent as a high school course. While Merrillville High School will not prevent any student from attending an education program during non-school hours, school credit for such courses will not be approved unless the procedures described above are followed. Release from school will be based upon the number of credits taken at the post-secondary institution; three credits equals 1 hour of early dismissal. Regular day students are encouraged to enroll in grades nine (9) through twelve (12) programs and shall be permitted to attend a minimum of 9 trimesters and enroll in fewer than (5) five classes during their senior year only for reasons included in the State Board of Education Policies. Students meeting the requirements of graduation may declare their intention to graduate at the end of the first or second trimesters with the written permission of their parents and counselor certification that all graduation requirements have been met). Students must acquire 45 credits for the General Diploma, 45 credits for a CORE 40 College Prep Diploma, and 48 credits for the CORE 40 with Academic Honors and Technical Honors Diplomas; and shall meet all other State Department of Public Instruction requirements for graduation.