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MHS Mission and Vision

Merrillville High School Mission Statement


Merrillville High School chooses to be a community that is strengthened and enriched by the diversity of our students, families, and staff. Through cultivating intellectual, social, and emotional growth in an inclusive environment where diverse experiences and perspectives are essential, we work to instill the belief that every person is valued for his/her intrinsic worth and is to be treated with dignity and respect. We are committed to promoting equity, literacy, creativity, and critical thinking as essential components of the rigorous education we provide to our students. It is our mission to implement the highest quality education built upon a strong foundation of relationships, experiences, and opportunities that empower students and prepare them for their future roles in a highly competitive and adapting world.


Merrillville High School Vision Statement


Merrillville High School will be a school that provides each student with challenging opportunities in a culture where creativity, respect, and enthusiasm for learning exist, one where all strive to be responsible, motivated citizens of strong character, one that embraces the challenge of serving the needs of our diverse community, and one that promotes a passionate commitment to a championship attitude. We are Merrillville High School, and we carry with us always, our Pirate Pride!