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Michael Krutz 219-650-5307 ext 7030 Principal 
Michael Knocke 219-650-5378 Assistant Principal, Grade 09
Kristie Gore 219-650-5372 Assistant Principal, Grade 11
Dan Schoon 219-650-5371 Assistant Principal, Grade 12
Chris George 219-650-5373 Assistant Principal, Grade 10
Michael Knocke 219-650-5367 Assistant Principal, CTE
Michelle O'Dell 219-650-5307 ext 5478   Coordinator of Counseling Services
Antoine Goffin   219-650-5307 ext 5381 Director of Security
Officer Terry Bronowski  219-650-5307 ext 5344 School Resource Officer
Amy Beckham   219-650-5340 Athletic Director
Janelle Bowen 219-650-5386 Director of Media Services



Sherri Scartozzi       7030 Secretary to the Principal
Carrie Altieri  7033 Secretary to the Assistant Principals
Sarwat Choudhry 7500 Freshman Center Secretary to the Assistant Principal 
Jamee Slathar 7000 Main Office Receptionist
Tammy Schmellmeyer 7034 Main Office Secretary
Lena Kiser 5339 Bookkeeper
Pam Roberts 7041 Student Services Secretary
G'Naun Haymon 7221 Student Services Secretary
Glennda Godbold 7501 Freshman Center Student Services Secretary
Brittany Clemente  7502 Freshman Center Clerk
Gina Hecimovic  7040

Student Services Secretary Attendance

Adeline Bemish 

7035 Teacher Aide
Perla Jackson 7597 Freshman Center Teacher Aide